About Us

Merjerz is the world’s leading platform for sharing great strategic ideas, especially M&A (mergers and acquisitions). Informed stakeholders, users, and enthusiasts in any industry have intuition, informed insight, and detailed suggestions on acquisitions – whether product add-ons, technology plays, or major strategic moves – for the companies and markets they follow. Use Merjerz to share and demonstrate your ideas, respond to other people’s insights, and to have a major impact on the way business is done.

Merjerz’ mission:

is to be the leading platform for the crowd to participate in strategic business ideas. This is a new, disruptive way of doing business, and will make M&A – a core strategic tool in all industries – finally succeed. The broad participation of the Merjerz crowd makes business strategy transparent, efficient and effective.
All stakeholders in a company, industry or market - engineers, executives, investors, suppliers, users, distributors, journalists, analysts and enthusiasts - can voice their opinions on the value of business combinations, and take an active and crucial part in advancing those deals. Information shared on Merjerz’ public site is just that, public, and the great ideas and dialogue on Merjerz are available to executives. This transparency works against the many biases that typically distort strategy, and holds companies, their executives and consultants, to the highest level of strategic activity ultimately leading to much greater success in M&A and other strategic moves.

Who we are:

Who we are: Merjerz was started in Israel in 2012 by Arye Schreiber, an Israeli entrepreneur, M&A lawyer and tech professional. Arye has represented hi-tech and medical technology corporations in over $1B of M&A, and led corporate development for Lightech, a startup sold to GE in 2011.
Arye has an MBA from Stanford University, an LLM from University of London and a BA (Hons) from the University of Cambridge, and served with distinction in the Israeli Defense Forces infantry and reserves.